Living with a Snow Lion – Part 1

If there is a new Fedora release, you can be sure I’m the one of the first to get it on my box at the office, but when it comes to the operating system of my MacBook Pro, I’m a little more conservative. Yesterday I got sufficiently annoyed with the lack of iCloud synchronisation functionality in OSX 10.6, so I finally decided to fork over the dough for Snow Lion. These are my thoughts on it so far:

Contacts: What’s up with the cheesy leather look? What happened to the Apple philosophy about the UI looking the same all through the operating system? This reminds me too much of the weird behaviour of some Windows sound driver vendors that insist on installing a weird blue mixer app with rounded corners that look completely alien to the rest of the apps. Apple, please don’t be cheesy – it doesn’t suit you.

Contacts: I’m not done yet. I upgraded to Snow Lion to get iCloud for my iPhone in hopes that my address book would now be neatly synced and duplicates would be a thing of the past. I haven’t investigated (and as an Apple user, I really shouldn’t have to) but now some of my contacts show up four times. It could be Google synchronisation, it could be Facebook, I don’t know – and frankly I’m annoyed that I have to figure it out.

Installing: So I was one of the poor suckers who got the This disk cannot be used to start up your computer message slammed in my face right after purchasing the upgrade and running it. Not what I needer at all. The solution? Make the system partition 128M smaller. Seriously? Yep, that’s the official answer on the Apple support forum. Why is left for the user to ponder.

Inverted scrolling: Actually they decided that weird inverted scrolling should be called natural direction and selected by default. I can see how this makes complete sense on a touch device like the iPad or iPhone, but on my laptop? No thanks. Turn it off under System PreferencesTrackpadScroll direction.

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