ASP.NET Development Server, Fiddler and localhost

I’m developing in Visual Studio on a virtual Windows 7. Every time I try to run a project, an instance of the ASP.NET Development Server fires up and I can access my development site locally. Unfortunately my virtualization platform (VirtualBox) doesn’t support dual head, and to be honest, I’d prefer to debug browser issues in Chrome under Linux. Read on for an interesting solution to this issue.

I know I could set up the IIS instead of using the development server, but I run numerous projects, and sometimes it’s just a bit of a hassle. I also happen to run Fiddler once in a while, and it seemed like an interesting solution to configure Fiddler to run use an external network interface, allowing me to reach it from my Linux browser. With a tweak of the proxy settings in my Linux browser, I was able to hit http://localhost:../ on my Windows environment.

So, now all my traffic goes through Fiddler. This isn’t exactly what I wanted, or at least it’s not what I’ll be wanting from now and into eternity. SwitchySharp to the rescue! It’s not just an ordinary easily accessible proxy menu, it allows you to define rules to help it decide what proxy you’ll be wanting for each request. I’m pretty sure that will come in handy again at some point 🙂

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