Recommended WordPress plugins

I’m hosting a handful of WordPress sites, some of which I very rarely update. I’ve assembled a list of plugins that keep security tight and automatically updates plugins, themes and the WordPress core.

Login LockDown
Prevents brute force login attempts, which is the most common way to gain access to a WordPress site.

Social Connect
A simple and very discreet social connect plugin. Allows users to login/register with Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter accounts. Some of the social sites require registering the website first. Joining/linking accounts is not supported, but can be handled with a little SQL gymnastics in the wp_usermeta table. Google is my preferred way of logging in, as I usually forget my WordPress logins and passwords.

Better WordPress reCAPTCHA
The successor to the old reCAPTCHA plugin. Works as advertised. Personally I enable captcha verification on everything, including the login form. Requires registration on the reCAPTCHA website.

Advanced Automatic Updates
Automatically updates core, plugins and themes (if you allow it). I usually enable everything, including major version updates. You would want to exercise caution when configuring this.

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