How to make Windows 8.0 Pro a little less KAPOW-SMACK-BOOM!

.. or how to make Windows 8.0 Pro look and feel a little more like Windows 7, and make the wife a little less frustrated in the process.

My wife is not ready for the Windows 8 plunge. Hell, I don’t think I am. I use Windows solely for running Visual Studio and building web solutions, so you can imagine exactly how many fucks I give about apps, the Metro interface and the rest of that sugary crap. Yep, you’re right – none.

Step 1: Upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro.

It’s free, and probably has a handful less bugs than Windows 8. Also, Microsoft – probably by high demand – made it easier to get rid off all their extra bloat. Seriously, upgrade before continuing.

Step 2: Boot straight to desktop mode

Previously this required downloading a tool, but now you right-click the taskbar and go to Properties, Navigation, Start screen and check the box When I sign in or close apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start. Screenshots and more info here.

Step 3: Staying in desktop mode

My wife is working on her masters degree, which involves a lot of website reading. Strangely enough, even though Windows in desktop mode, starting Google Chrome buts it right back in sugary Metro hell. Luckily you can ask it to relaunch on the desktop.

Studying also means reading PDF files now and then, and in Windows 8 that is done in a full screen Metro-mode app. Fix this by installing another desktop-mode application reader and make this the default application for PDF files. Right click a PDF file, pick Open with.. – you know the drill.

Step 4: Disable the Charms Bar

I’m not even sure what the Charms Bar is or how it got that name, but here is a piece on how to get rid of it.

More as we delve deeper into the abyss.

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