Relocate NPM packages on CentOS/Redhat

NPM by default installs packages in /usr/lib/node_modules and links binaries to /usr/bin. I’ve seen at least one system binary overwritten by something installed by NPM, so I decided to relocate everything installed by NPM to /usr/local/opt/npm. Here is the magic:

First step was to brutally remove everything node:

rpm -ev npm
rpm -qa | grep ^node | xargs rpm -ev
rm -rf /usr/lib/node_modules

At this point, you’d probably want to look in /usr/bin for symbolic links pointing to /usr/lib/node_modules/bin and remove them.

Now reinstall Node and NPM. Thanks to dependencies, installing NPM is usually enough:

yum install -y npm

Now tell NPM to relocate:

npm config -g set prefix /usr/local/opt/npm

And tell the various shells to add the binary path:

echo "PATH=\$PATH:$( npm config -g get prefix )/bin" > /etc/profile.d/

Now install something to see if it works:

npm install -g bower typescript tsd


source /etc/profile.d/
which bower

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